Why A Clear Objective is the Key to Great Videos

“Our website doesn’t have a video” may seem like an unlikely reason for people to justify getting one. However, with video’s ever expanding popularity comes a growing number of people who see video on other websites and decide that they want one too.

That’s great, you should get a video. There’s tonnes of benefits for your business that video can provide – just make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons.

Properly understanding the objectives for your video is probably the most important thing you can do.

Ask the Right Questions

First you need to ask yourself some quick and easy questions.

  • What do I want my video to achieve?
  • e.g. increase awareness of your brand, improve conversions
  • Are there any actions I want the viewers of this video to do? e.g. Call you, make a purchase.
  • What do I want the viewers of this video to take away from it? Is there a particular message you want to convey?

After asking yourself these questions it should become quite obvious that the objectives for your video will define almost all aspects of it. Not just the content but the format of the video, will it be an explainer video or a corporate video? It will also affect the chosen style, whether it’s a whiteboard animation, kinetic typography or talking head?

Why Will Anyone Click Play?

Just as important as knowing your objectives, is knowing what you will do with the video once it has been created, most importantly, where will it be placed, and why will anyone click play?

Sometimes this part is obvious, if you are creating a video to enhance a blog post then the video will go on the blog post it’s enhancing. As long as the blog post explains what benefit someone will get from watching the corresponding video then people will watch it.

However, when that’s not the case then you need to consider the following.

  • What relevant area of my website will drive enough traffic past this video?
  • Have I explained why people should click on my video?

If no one even gets to see that you have a video then no one can click on it. Similarly, don’t just place a video in the top right hand corner of every page on your site and expect that because it’s there people will click on it. Give people a reason, tell them what they will gain from watching the video.

What Will People Do After They Have Finished Watching?

By knowing what your objectives for the video are, you will have a better understanding of what you want people to do after they have watched your video.

Make sure you ask them to do it. Whether you want them to like you on facebook or fill out a form, make sure you tell people what they should do next.

And following on from that, you need to make it easy for people to do what you ask. Next to, or inside, your video provide any links that you want people to visit and don’t put any steps in between the end of the video and the requested action.

Put The Objective First

A proper understanding of the objectives is the first step we take when starting any video projects. So next time you think about video, be clear on what you want to achieve, and make sure you get a real return on your investment.

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