Where to Learn Video Marketing

Where to Learn Video Marketing

Our list of the best video marketing blogs and resources

Video marketing is a dynamic industry, and things change quickly. Staying up to date with developments, and trying to make sense of what you should be doing can be daunting.

We’re fairly new to the video marketing game, which means we can write this post from experience of learning about the industry. There are other lists out there, but they were often outdated or no longer correct.

Seeing this, we decided to put together a list of the resources we have found most helpful, and the blogs we keep track of. Welcome to the world of video marketing – happy reading!


Twitter – @reelseo @markrrobertson

ReelSEO is definitely one of the leaders in the Video Marketing space. The site is regularly updated with news, advice and strategies – not to mention a huge amount of information on Video SEO.




Twitter – @Harris_Bryan

While Videofruit isn’t as focused on video as some of the other sites, it’s quickly become a favourite of ours. Bryan posts twice a week, and each post is filled with tips on growing your business and improving your conversion rate – all written from experience as he implements the different strategies.

The posts have actually shaped a lot of what we do here at Replay Science, so we definitely agree with the advice you’ll find here.



Twitter – @philnottingham @distilled

Distilled is another blog that doesn’t specialise in video, but has been an important part of our learning of video SEO. Phil Nottingham is their in house video expert and he’s created some great resources to help people get started.

Two of our favourites to check out are “Building a video strategy” and the “Video Marketing Guide” .




Twitter – @onlinevideonet

This is another great resource that is filled with a wealth of information about online video. From learning how to close a sale with online video , to how to turn your CEO into an online spokesperson you’ll find a wide range of topics to keep you learning.




Twitter – @vidyard

Vidyard’s excellent blog is regularly updated with insightful and detailed posts. The team do a great job of putting together posts that provide actionable tips to take your video marketing to the next level.

OK, read those – I need more!

If you’ve had a look over each of those sites, you should be well on your way to getting started with video marketing. However, there’s still plenty more reading to be done.

Here’s a list of some of the blogs we follow, and find them to be great sources of news, advice and tips on getting the most out of online video:

Yes Media Works! – Catie provides some great insights on all topics regarding video marketing and production.

Josh Rimer – Josh posts about YouTube marketing and how to grow an audience.

James Wedmore – Some great training courses that help you take advantage of video.

YouTube Official Blog – And of course, we couldn’t put together a list of video marketing resources without including the official YouTube blog.

Honourable Mention

Of course we can’t pass up the opportunity to give ourselves an honourable mention. While we’re relatively new to online video, we’re determined to deliver useful posts and resources to help our readers.

So we’d be honoured if you decided to sign up to our newletter and connect with us on Twitter.

This list is by no means exhaustive. It’s a collection of resources that we’ve found useful – but there’s going to plenty more out there.

What are some of your favourite places to learn about online video? Let us know in the comments and help us make this list more useful for everyone.

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