Top 5 YouTube SEO Myths

YouTube LogoThere’s a wealth of information out there about what you should be doing to optimise your video for YouTube’s search rankings.

It can be a challenge just trying to read through all this information and apply it to your videos, but to make matters worse, not all of it is correct. So to make things easier for you, we’ve put together a list of the most popular and widespread myths about optimising your video to clear up some of the confusion.


1. You Need to Optimise the Filename

This myth has stuck around for quite a while even though Google has stated that it’s completely untrue.

Although saying that, there’s no harm in a descriptive filename, it will help you easily find your video and tell other people what the video is about.

But just remember, there isn’t any SEO value in doing it, and don’t believe peoplewho tell you otherwise.

2. You Should Copy Your Keyword Tags to Your Video’s Description

This is not only wrong, but doing it is an active violation of Google’s terms of service and can lead to a penalty.

Having relevant tags for your video is good, but they should be left in the tag section of the video and not copied and pasted into the description.

3. Your Video Will Rank Better With More Thumbs Up

This one’s a tricky one. The short answer is that no, having more thumbs up does not cause better rankings.

However, if a person likes your video then followers of theirs might see it in their “What to watch” section. This could lead to more watch time of your video and a higher ranking.

So, there is an indirect benefit, but not a direct one.

4. The Older the Video is the Better it Will Rank

This is not true. Sometimes, the newer a video the better it will rank. For example, if you are looking for a video about an upcoming event or current news, or anything that would benefit from recency then it is likely that fresher videos will rank better.

Also, during the first week or so since your video’s upload it will likely be given higher rankings so Google can give it a chance to see how people receive it and get more information about it.

However, older videos will have had more chance to gain watch time, this might improve the video’s position.

5. The Number of Views Affects a Videos Ranking

The number of views does not have a direct effect on the video’s position. YouTube tried this out once, but it was too easily susceptible to being tricked such as people using thumbnails which were enticing but irrelevant and people buying fake views, so it did not give any accurate information about how good the video was.

Instead, the main factor is not how many people watched a video but how long they watched it for, and how long they stayed on YouTube afterwards.

Hopefully now you know these myths some of the confusion surrounding the abundance of information will have been cleared up for you. Next time you see someone preaching tips like this just stop listening.


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