How to Use Video to Improve Conversions

We all know video is fantastic for improving conversions. If you’re reading this chances are you’ve heard all the stats about how this or that company improved their conversions rate by 2 million percent.

All of these impressive stats might leave a lot of people wondering why their videos haven’t had the same spectacular results.Click_Here_Button_Flip

Below I’m going to take you through the things you should be thinking about in the different stages of creating a video if your video is to be created with the goals of improving your conversion rate.



If you haven’t read my post on having a clear objective for your video then you should. But this point is especially important for conversion videos.

You can’t start off with the aim of “I want to improve my conversions”. You need to have a more specific goal.

A really important thing for you to do at this step is to look at your analytics. At what point in your sales funnel are people leaving?

This is where you have the problem that you need to address, why are people leaving? Is it a particular type of person who is leaving? What do these people need to keep them going through the funnel?

These will decide the format of the video you go for. Do your audience need to trust you more? A testimonial video would be good here. Are your customers afraid your product is too complex or difficult to use? Then you might choose a product demonstration to show them how simple it is.



What format you choose for will have an effect on how well your video gets its message across. Testimonials work better in an interview/talking head style as seeing the person actually saying the words conveys more weight and trust than a written testimonial.

Keep an eye out because we are soon going to have a Video Matrix to show you what format goes with what type of video. (Sign up to our emails to get notified)

Another important point is to have calls to action in your video. Ask people to do what you want them to do.

If there is a next step in the sales funnel then direct them to it, don’t expect people to just find their way there themselves, people need a bit of guidance and encouragement.



Make sure your video is in a suitable place considering the path the your users will be taking. This is where the planning you did earlier comes in. This will tell you where people are exiting the funnel, this is most likely the best place for your video. Though not always, it might be better to put this video right at the beginning of the sales funnel to rid people of their worries right at the beginning.

What you need to make sure you don’t do though, is to put the video where people aren’t going to see it. Don’t put your video on the homepage to rid people of their worries at the beginning of the sales funnel if people are coming through to your site through landing pages and then never actually see your homepage. Again, make sure you pay a lot of attention to your analytics and what people are actually doing on your site.

Make sure it is really visible on the page, people need to see right away that this video will answer their questions.

Obviously every case is different but always have these conversations with your team, don’t waste your money and time on a video which won’t help you. Make sure you get the video right from conception to implementation.


Do you have any other tips or tricks to help your videos increase conversions? If so let us know about them in the comments below.


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