6 Essential Considerations for Your Online Video


Video Transcipt:

When approaching your first online video, there’s a few important considerations that will have a massive impact on how successful your project is. After watching this video, you’ll be aware of some of the key things that can make or break your first production…

The Objective

Your video’s objective will help determine every other aspect, so make sure you’ve thought properly about what you want to achieve and have a clear understanding of how the video is going to help with your business goals.


Your objectives for the video will determine what style to go for. Choosing the right style can ensure your video accurately showcases your business and its offering to clients.


The script is the easiest part of the video to get wrong. It needs to be concise, engaging, with no unnecessary words.

Video Length

As a rule, the longer your video, the lower the engagement, so don’t make it any longer than it needs to be. Over 3 minutes and the chances are you’re pushing it.

That said, long form video has its purposes, and often suits the needs of consumers further down the pipeline, when they are more invested in your business.


Sound is very important. Whether filmed or animated, audio can make the difference between a professional and amateur video. Make sure you invest in good quality audio equipment or work with a professional who does.


For the most part you should self host your videos using services like wistia, vimeo or use your own video player. If you host on YouTube then all links and shares lead back to YouTube and not your own site, so you don’t see the benefit, YouTube does.

These are some of the most important considerations when creating online video, cover these bases and you’ve got a solid foundation to work from.

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