5 Ways To Sell Video Marketing To Your Boss

how to sell video to your bossSo, you know your company needs video. All your competitors have it and it looks and works great for them. There is just only one thing stopping you from going right ahead and killing it at video marketing. And that’s your boss.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help with the perfect points to get across to your boss about video marketing.

1. Video can increase conversions.

You are already spending money on marketing to drive people to your website. If people are leaving then that is wasted spend.

Look at it this way, if you have 1000 visitors to your site and you’re converting 1% of them then that is only 10 people. If a video could even increase that by one percentage point then it would be worth the same amount of money as doubling the number of visitors to your site. It would take a lot of marketing spend to do that.

2. It helps out the social media guys.

Social media thrives on interesting and fresh content, and one of the most shared things on social media is video. So think how much your social team will thank you when you give them video to share.

3. Give a clear and powerful business message.

A major challenge a business faces is explaining to customers exactly what benefits you can bring and why people should choose you over your competitors. This is why there has been such an explosion of explainer videos and corporate overview videos recently. These videos can often be as effective at explaining your company as the rest of your website combined.

So why keep sending people away with boring plain text when you can keep them on your site and inform them with a video?

4. Video improves your SEO performance.

Just like social media thrives on fresh interesting content, so does search engine performance. For those who don’t know, links to your website are an important part of search engine performance. A post with a video will attract three times as many links as a post without video.

On top of this it has recently been shown that 65% of Google search results now include videos according to a recent report.

5. Videos increase trust in your business.

A key reason that people often don’t make a purchase online is that they don’t quite trust the site. This could be due to a number of factors like no interaction with a person or worries about security etc. Video is a fantastic way to help with this issue. After watching a product video 57% of people said that they felt more confident in their purchase decisions according to Invodo.

Hopefully even the most stubborn boss will have trouble ignoring your pleas for video after you come to them with some of these points. Stick with it and hopefully your boss will be thanking you in no time.


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