5 Awesome Examples of Low Cost Video Marketing

One of the biggest complaints about video marketing is that it is too expensive for the majority of small business to be able to afford. To prove all these naysayers wrong here is a list of 5 great viral marketing that wouldn’t cost too much to replicate.

Serena Software – Just @#$% It!! What are they saying?

This one is a double mythbuster. Not only do they disprove the myth about videos having to be costly to go viral, but they also disprove the myth that you need to have an interesting product for people to be interested in your advertising. This company sells IT management software to enterprises. However, they have a clever script and a great call to action at the end of it.

Novocortex Scratched Car Stickers

This one was a super cheap way of spreading the message. An online insurance company created stickers that looked like bad scratches on a car. After filming the reactions of people seeing their damaged car they put the video on YouTube and invited people to take some stickers to prank their friends. They ran out of stickers within two days. Total cost of the campaign was under 1000 Euros.

The Last Exorcism

Be warned, there is some bad language and mild horror in this clip so don’t watch it if you aren’t into that stuff.

The last exorcism jumped on the chatroulette bandwagon back when it was a fad to promote their film. They start off by showing an attractive girl looking a bit flirtatious, which was probably a welcome relief from the majority of what your eyes are subjected to on that site. I won’t spoil the rest of the clip for you.

Alright, this one had a bit of budget for the special effects, but depending on who you had in house it is not something out of the realms of reality that you could achieve. Also, I would feel bad leaving it off the list because I love it.

Loctite – Coin Glued to the Floor

Loctite tried out the time honoured prank of sticking a coin to the floor and watching as people try and fail to pick it off the floor. This was in an attempt to market their new Super Glue 3 product and is almost the definition of cheap video marketing.

Dumb Ways to Die

So it’s pretty certain that you will at least have heard of this one. released a couple of years ago, this public safety announcement has gathered over 68 million views. Produced for Metro Trains Melbourne, this is video is just a simple animation with a song over the top spreading the message of safety around train tracks. For views per dollar this video is fairly hard to beat.

So, hopefully, if you weren’t convinced in the first place that video marketing could be done on a budget you will be by now. It should be noted that just because you can do great video marketing on a budget, it doesn’t mean it is easy. It isn’t even easy when you have a huge budget. It takes a great idea, some careful planning and some good promotion afterwards to get it right.

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