4 Key Ways to Increase Your Video’s Views

cameraSo you’ve made your video and threw it up on your website or on YouTube to wait for the views to roll in.

Now it’s a little while later and you’re stuck wondering why no one is watching your video.
Well, don’t worry, we’re here to help with the 4 key ways to increase the number of people who get to see your video.


1. Do Some Keyword Research

It might be that the terms you use to talk about the topic of your video are very industry specific terms that your target audience wouldn’t use.

This is bad in two ways. Firstly, when people search for your video they won’t be looking for the terms that you are using, so it’s likely they won’t find your video.

Secondly, if people do see the video and the descriptions and title are using unfamiliar terms, then they will either not know what the video is about, or they will be put off, thinking that the video might be a bit too technical for them.

Of course if your target audience is in your niche and fluent with the terms you are using then there is likely nothing wrong with using them.

2. Optimise

Once you’ve done the keyword research then you need to use it. This includes getting the right title, description, tags, and thumbnail.

These are the things that search engines are going to be using to understand what your video is about and when to show your video in results.

These are also the things that people are going to use when they are searching and when they decide whether to watch a video.

3. Place the Video on Multiple Sites

It may be that the reason that you haven’t got enough views for your video is because you only put it on your site, and your site doesn’t get many views. Or you put it on a page on your site that doesn’t get many views.

If you only want your video to be on your site then you may have to come to terms with the fact that your video is unlikely to have vast amounts of views.

But that is ok, a lot of the time if you want your video to only be on your site it is because the video is only useful to people looking at your site, so a large amount of views would mean a large amount of irrelevant views.

But if views are your main objective then why restrict your audience, put the video on your site as well as YouTube and Vimeo.

4. Promote

This is likely the main reason people don’t see your video. People all too often assume that once they have made the video people will just stumble across it. But in reality you need to tell people about it. Get it out on your social profiles, let people know it’s there, and also do some outreach. If there are other places where it would be useful for the video to be seen then contact them and see if they feel the same.

Once you’ve got these elements right then as long as you have a good video you should start seeing some real results. Good luck!


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