How to Restore a Deleted YouTube Account

How to Restore a Deleted YouTube Account

In this post we’re going to look at how to recover your YouTube account once you have deleted it.

Just a quick point on terminology before we get into this post. There is a difference between a YouTube account being deleted and terminated.

A deleted account is something that you have done yourself, either purposefully or accidentally, you told YouTube or Google to get rid of your YouTube account and the data associated with it.

A terminated account is something that YouTube blocks access to your account because either you broke their rules or they think you did.


So on to recovering your deleted account:

There are a few ways you could have done this:

  1. You deleted your YouTube account straight up. The most obvious way to delete a YouTube account.
  2. You deleted a Google+ profile which was linked to your YouTube account.
  3. You deleted your Google account along with all the products and services associated with it.


Before we start you shouldn’t get your hopes up too much, as there is no sure way that you are going to be able to get back all of your information.

Deleted YouTubeAnd that’s not Google’s fault, nor their problem.

If you request your channel or profile be deleted, they have to comply, and delete it.  Just imagine the backlash that would result from them keeping everyone’s information for years after people asked for it to be deleted.


Now we’ve got the bad news out of the way, it’s time to learn how to do something about it.


You straight up deleted your YouTube account

Either you somehow accidentally made your way through the YouTube settings ignoring their warnings, or more likely you deleted the account intentionally and are now regretting it.

The key to getting your account back from this is speed, because at some point that data is going to be completely irretrievable.

Google doesn’t give a set time for how long you have before your YouTube account is irretrievable, so it is likely there isn’t one timeframe for all accounts.

You need to head over to this support page and fill in the form, it is a quick one, you just need the email address you use to sign into YouTube, your name and something for them to identify your channel from, either the URL or a video from your channel or some other identifier.

Restore YouTube Form

Just this one little form to get your channel back


You deleted the Google+ account linked to your YouTube account

Google_Plus_logoHooray! On the scale of how badly things could have gone, this isn’t that bad. Your account isn’t technically deleted, it’s disabled.

Most of your stuff is still there, just private and with restricted features.

Your comments and messages will be gone, but considering how bad the other scenarios on this page are, you should still count yourself lucky.

Check out the help page on a disabled YouTube channel. Follow the instructions on the bottom dropdown about Google+ profile deletion. Note that in doing so, you will also restore your Google+ profile.


You deleted your entire Google account

It’s not an uncommon mistake for people to want to delete their google+ account then accidentally delete their entire Google account along with all the products and services associated with it.

The only slight relief here is that the chances are higher that, if this is an accident, you will find out what you have done quite soon, once you try to access Gmail, Google My Business, or some other often used product associated with your account.

You can’t just recover your YouTube channel, you have to recover your entire account first.

Again, just like with the deleted YouTube account, time is of the essence. You can’t expect Google to hang on to all your data forever.

To recover your Google account head over to the account recovery page and select “I’m having other problems signing in.” and follow the steps and fill out the form.

Once you have got your account back up then hopefully you should have your YouTube account back automatically without any further effort on your part.

Otherwise you will have to follow the steps given in the “You straight up deleted your YouTube account” section above and hope that they can restore it.


Good Luck!



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